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61-year-old ironworker injured back and shoulder lifting; no surgery; after trial commission awarded permanent total disability to receive workers compensation benefits for the rest of his life.     49-year-old hospital aid injured shoulder carrying surgical equipment; surgery denied by employer; after trial commission ordered respondent to authorize and pay for necessary surgery for the shoulder and pay all workers compensation benefits while petitioner off work.     50-year-old police officer injured knee tripping over parking lot abutment; employer denied claim refused to pay for surgery or workers comp benefits; after trial commission ordered employer to pay for necessary surgery and pay all workers compensation benefits.     If you or a loved one have been injured through the negligence of another, call Vrdolyak Law Group, LLC. today to get the money and results you deserve. Call (773) 731-3313.          

The Vrdolyak Law Group Convinces a Jury to Award 20 Times the Settlement Offer to Woman with a Pre-existing Condition

CHICAGO, April 3, 2018 - The Vrdolyak Law Group recovered almost 20 times an insurance company's settlement offer for a woman with a pre-existing condition who was injured in a medical transport van.

The woman was injured when another passenger's wheelchair tipped over during transit, striking her in the knee. Not knowing how bad her injury was, she waited days before seeking medical attention.

At first, the insurance company denied the injured woman any compensation, claiming she had not sought immediate medical treatment, had previously been on disability, and suffered a subsequent fall.

"The insurance company's reasoning ignored the fact that the seriousness of your injury may not manifest itself until days, weeks, or even years after your accident," said David Gallagher, Attorney.

Three years after the accident, the woman ended up needing knee surgery. The insurance company hired a doctor to testify that the knee surgery was unrelated to the accident, but instead was the result of old age, her pre-existing condition, and the subsequent fall.

To level the playing field, the Vrdolyak Law Group spent tens of thousands ot their own dollars to hire experts to prove that the woman's injury was indeed the result of the accident.

"We believe in our clients. We'll spend tens of thousands of our money to hire our own experts to face off with insurance company doctors," said Edward J. Vrdolyak, Managing Partner.

On the eve of the trial, the insurance compnay offered a settlement but the Vrdolyak Law Group rejected it and kept on fighting. "Our client deserved better, so we rejected that offer," said Gallagher.

The Vrdolyak Law Group took the case to trial, and convinced the jury to award the woman almost 20 times the settlement offer.

The Vrdolyak Law Group - founded in 1963, has grown into a Chicago legal landmark. It is recognized as a premier personal injury, medical malpractice and workers' compensation law firm, with a team of 20 attorneys experience in a wide range of other practice areas. The firm has three locations in Chicago, and is led by managing partner Edward J. Vrdolyak.

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